So Why is Gut Health So Important?

So Why is Gut Health So Important?  Purposeful Nutrition

I am seeing more and more posts these days about gut health and the need for probiotic foods and drinks.  It seems to me the topic is becoming more mainstream although I admit I follow many health bloggers so what is mainstream to me might not be to you. But why is this topic gaining in popularity … [Read more...]

Hope and Help for Acid Reflux

Hope and Help for Hearburn- Purposeful Nutrition

Do you struggle with acid reflux (also known as heartburn)?  I have and did especially when I was pregnant, all four times.   Acid reflux comes from the stomach acid refluxing back up into the esophagus.  The esophagus does not have a lining able to handle the high acid content of stomach … [Read more...]

Sausage, Potato, and Spinach One Pot Supper

Sausage One Pot Supper - Purposeful Nutrition

Weeknight suppers sometimes are a real challenge to get together.  Even though I am an at home mom, the days are full with lots of activities and responsibilities for my 4 children, my husband, and my elderly mother in law who lives with us.   I came up with this simple throw together one … [Read more...]

The Chia Cookbook Review

Chia Cookbook - Purposeful Nutrition

I have liked and used chia seeds for awhile, aware that they have much health benefit. In this lovely little cookbook I have gotten much more information about these powerhouse seeds. Janie Hoffman has a nice starting section about the health benefits of chia seeds and then different ways to use them. It is … [Read more...]

Everyday Grain-Free Baking Book Review

Almost Oatmeal Cookies from Everyday Grain Free Baking by Kelly Smith.

 Since I have a daughter who does not eat much grain I am always on the lookout for great grain free recipes.  In the last few years we have learned to bake with coconut flour and almond flour and now keep it as a regular staple in our pantry.  When I had the opportunity to review Kelly Smith's … [Read more...]

Grain Free Snacks from WB Kitchen – Review

coconut shortbread - WB Kitchen

A few weeks ago I received a lovely box of snack cookies and bars from Chris Feuille of WB Kitchen in Colorado. He and his wife make some rather amazing grain free snacks after their own experiences of being grain free, including some time on the GAPS diet. (See Chris' story here which he kindly shared with … [Read more...]